FDA Lasik Hearing

In 2008, the FDA held a hearing on LASIK, its side effects, and their relation with depression and suicide near Washington, DC. The hearing followed a number of actual suicides. Several of these were presented by patients advocates who spoke at the hearing. The so-called "side-effects" which caused these suicides are the same side-effects that most LASIK patients complain about. According to the FDA's former lead research on Lasik, Dr. Morris Waxler (see HelpStopLasik.com), now lead Lasik whistleblower, the FDA never studied the severity of dry eye or higher order aberrations. In other words, the safety of Lasik was never really evaluated prior to its approval.


"People who say it can't be done
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-- Roger D. Davis, PhD

Dr. Boshnick on CBS This Morning

See Dr. Boshnick and Dr. Morris Waxler (former FDA chief research scientist on refractive surgery) talk about bad LASIK