Case NF - 3 RKs and 2 Lasiks

This person had three RK surgeries and 2 Lasik sugeries on each eye. Needless to say, the corneas were left highly irregular. Refractive surgery of any kind is dangerous enough, but to combine refractive surgeries is extreme. In the case of RK, pie wedges are created in the cornea. Then cutting the LASIK flap literally separates these wedges from the underlying cornea. Are those wedges going to stick together in a way that preserves the prolate shape of the ideal cornea? Are those wedges going to stick together at all? Who could ever believe that this could be done safely?

Image Simulation: Note that the lower lines of the chart are readable, though vision is obviously grossly impaired.

Left Eye 3D Topography

Right Eye 3D Topography

2D Topography and Rings Image


"People who say it can't be done
shouldn't interrupt the guy doing it."
-- Roger D. Davis, PhD

Dr. Boshnick on CBS This Morning

See Dr. Boshnick and Dr. Morris Waxler (former FDA chief research scientist on refractive surgery) talk about bad LASIK